Bid for the traffic in real time and get high volumes of Premium traffic on CPM basis
What are the benefits?
Integration via
Open RTB endpoint
Various Ad formats:
Popunder, Banner, Web Push,
In-stream video
Convenient targeting:
All GEOs, mobile & desktop,
special targeting etc.
Fast and easy integration:
you can just add your endpoint
in the personal dashboard
How does it work?
User opens our
partner's website
Impression goes to
the ClickAdilla SSP
Advertiser's DSP got
a request and give
the optimal bid
If he got the higher
bid - he got an impression
How can I start to buy popunders via RTB?
Are you ready
to start?
Prepare your endpoint
according our documentation
and add it to our system
Monitor your spending
and enjoy your profit!
Contact your personal
manager or live support
to get full documentation
Web push via RTB/XML feed We also offer XML and RTB integration for buying Web Push traffic on CPC basis
What are the
steps to start?
Contact your personal
manager or live
support manager
Provide us with the
feed created according
our documentation
Start receiving the
clicks and boost your ROI
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